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content re-purposing (print and digital)

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OCR scanning and formatting

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InDesign CS5.5/6/CC/CC2014/15

Photoshop CCS5.5/6/CC/CC2014/15

Illustrator CS5.5/6/CC/CC2014/15

Dreamweaver CS6


iBooks Author

Muse CC

MS Office

  • Hourly rates

    Please contact me for hourly rates and day rates.

  • OCR scanning prices

    OCR (optical character recognition) scan from printed book to InDesign (basic formatting –
    galley style)

    Method 1: A copy to cut into single sheets so it will go through a sheet-fed scanner.

           OCR scan and check £0.60 per page


    Method 2: A copy that can only be flattened and spine broken.

           OCR scan and check  £1.20 per page


    More per page if it’s illustrated or has a complex layout. Method 2 is more expensive because the book will be scanned spread by spread on a flat-bed scanner. The OCR conversion isn’t as effective using this method.

  • Scan to PDF prices

    Scan to PDF (If you want to do your own OCR and checking)

    Method 1: £0.15 per page

    Method 2: £0.30 per page

  • Notes for self-publishers: covers


    For ebooks you will need a front-cover image in various sizes. They are required for the ebook files themselves and for marketing purposes. You'll also need a back cover and spine for print books.


    If you've previously had your book published, the original book cover is usually owned by the publishing house and/or an illustrator or photographer. The publisher might grant you permission to use it, but in my experience they tend not to unless they can easily establish who owns the rights. However, as cover trends change so quickly, and ebook covers need to have impact at small sizes, you are probably better off hiring a designer to design a new cover for you.


    Cover design will be an additional cost. The cheapest seems to be around £150, where a designer will present up to four treatments to choose from. To get more of a bespoke service it’s from £300.


    I can project-manage this for you if required.

  • Notes for self-publishers: ISBNs


    You don’t necessarily need an ISBN if you are only going to release your books through Amazon Kindle. If you release through other companies (eg Apple) or you're planning print distribution you will – and if you intend to self-publish a number of books it's practical to get your own supply of ISBNs. Nielsen supply ISBNs in the UK.




    I cannot apply for ISBNs for you.

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